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From Thomas Kralow,
Founder of the $100 million hedge fund
April 2024
Dear reader,

You are here because you want to earn your first $20,000 in crypto and get the simplest solution.

The next 10 minutes could be decisive in your life…

Because I will tell you the truth about crypto and the wishful thinking of most people to make easy money.

You will learn why others (95% of people) will lose money in crypto and get my method on how to win in this market.


You will NOT get a "unique super secret method" because it doesn't exist.

I have prepared a simple and understandable solution that just works.

Everyone wants to find a unique method and a magic pill, but the whole secret lies in simplicity. All genius is simple.

Even when it comes to big money.

There will be a lot of text here.

Many will not read to the end and will not understand the effective and possibly the only way for them to make big money in crypto.

For me, this is a filter.

I don't want to deal with those who can't focus for 10 minutes and read the text.

If you can't — go back to watching TikToks and Reels. They'll surely tell you how to make easy money and which coins to buy :)

*At times, I will be blunt... because I will be speaking the truth.
Why are you reading this text and interested in crypto?
I assume, after what happened in 2021, you want to replicate those results.

You already know that there were coins that grew 20X, 50X, and 150X, and thousands of people became millionaires.
(SOL 49X, MATIC 53X, DOGE 66X)
Just imagine, every $1,000 today turns into $20,000 within a year.

A $50,000 Mercedes can be bought with just $2k-$3k now.

And all this no longer sounds unrealistic, because it already happened in 2021.

The world is cyclical.

Now, another cycle of rapid growth is approaching, which is likely to be the strongest in history and could be the last.
Reasons why 2024-2025 will see the biggest crypto growth:
• After the 1st halving, Bitcoin grew 100X in 368 days

• After the 2nd halving, Bitcoin grew 30X in 526 days

• After the 3rd halving, it grew 8X in 548 days

• Now, with the 4th halving, we expect growth of 3-5X within 300-500 days

We will talk about 20-50X profits later.
1. Bitcoin Halving

• On April 7, the reward for miners, who ensure the operation of the main cryptocurrency, is reduced by half.

Imagine you are making bags and the government doubles the tax...

The only thing left for you to do is to sell the bags at a higher price; otherwise, you will incur losses.

The halving occurs every 4 years, and after 2020, the cost of Bitcoin was between $15k-$23k.

After the bull market, Bitcoin dropped to around $15,600 in 2022. This was its bottom, after which growth began.

It is logical to conclude that after the 2024 halving, the price of Bitcoin will not drop below $30k-$43k – this is the cost of Bitcoin.

(Of course, this is crypto, and anything can happen. We can't predict wars and other unforeseen events. I must warn you that there are no exact guarantees)

Now, the most interesting part.
2. Approval of ETFs for Bitcoin and Ethereum

At the end of 2023, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved ETFs for Bitcoin.

This means that Bitcoin has become as easily accessible as company stocks.

This brings a flow of new big money into the market. New money = growth.

You can see that every day, the largest funds are buying Bitcoin worth billions of dollars.
Today, more than $12 billion worth of Bitcoin has been purchased.

At the time of writing this, we are awaiting the approval of an ETF for Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency.

In addition to bringing more money into the crypto market...

Many crypto projects are built on Ethereum. Huge amounts of money could flow into the entire Ethereum ecosystem.
3. Arrival of the Regulator

For several years now, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) has been trying to take control of crypto and impose its rules.

We didn't ask for this...

But they see how much money is in this market and want to take their piece of the pie.

Of course, all this is under the slogans "Make crypto safe and care for people."

Self-serving goals under the guise of good guys who want to save us.

And here's the thing:

Under SEC rules, more than 90% of crypto projects will not pass the checks and will be subject to fines.

Even Ethereum might face fines. But Ethereum can afford to pay.

Unlike other projects that will have to go bankrupt...

Think about this question: What will you do if you know your company won't pass the checks?


Of course, you will try to take out as much money as possible!

You will try to make the biggest and most expensive sales.

This is another trigger for the biggest crypto growth in 2024-2025.

Projects will try to push the price to the maximum. And there is no limit to the price.

A coin that costs $10 today can easily grow to $300.

I suppose you have a question, "What will happen to crypto after regulation?" — Strong projects will survive and crypto will continue to develop. But new growth cycles may extend beyond 4 years and won't be as profitable.

What happens next doesn't matter.

What matters is whether we will make 20X now or not.
So, we have 3
significant reasons for the biggest bull run
Everything sounds great! We are expecting the best and most profitable time in the market, a time when lives can be changed.

But wait... there are nuances.

As convincing as all the words about the upcoming big growth may sound, it doesn't mean that you will make money.

Many think they can just buy some coins and do nothing.

After all, when the whole market grows, all coins will rise.


Then why didn't everyone become millionaires in 2021, and why did many lose all their money?

Okay, in 2021, few people were interested in crypto.

Why hasn't the crowd become millionaires now??? Bitcoin has already made 4X, Solana 25X...
No matter how much crypto grows, there won't be enough money for everyone.

This applies to the entire structure of the world. Not everyone can be rich. The rich continue to get richer at the expense of the crowd.

Let me show you how it works.

In 2021, Bitcoin reached a record price of $69,000. Some people were buying Bitcoin at $69k because the media predicted it would go to $100k.

After that, Bitcoin sharply fell to $46k-$58k.

For the crowd, this is called a market "correction." When the price drops to continue growing.

The crowd started buying the fallen Bitcoin. Large funds were selling it to them, locking in huge profits.

Then Bitcoin and the entire crypto market fell.

• In 2021, when Bitcoin was priced at $69k, it was considered cheap.

• In 2022, when it was priced at $15k, everyone was afraid to buy it... this is how market psychology works.

Everyone started fearing that the decline would continue, so only professionals bought Bitcoin at $15k.

Okay, let's move on.

bitcoin started to rise and almost doubled in 3 months.

Month after month, Bitcoin grew, and the crowd was afraid to buy it.

but now everyone wants it.

Only Bitcoin is now four times more expensive. And now it's really dangerous.

Remember this simple idea:

The market will do everything to make you buy high and sell low.

Everyone will start buying Bitcoin only after it grows to $150k and drops a little. But this "correction" will be the beginning of a big fall, just like in 2021.

Big investors and funds make money at the expense of the crowd.
Not everyone can become rich.
95% will lose all their money
but you didn't buy it again. Because you were afraid. The media said the decline would continue.
A similar situation applies to "altcoins."

Right now, you can see meme coins like PEPE, BONK, and others growing 10-50X, and you feel the fear of missing out.

In the next 6-18 months, there will be many coins that will grow 10-30-50X.
We have discussed the safest way to multiply capital — creating a spot portfolio.
But right now, you don't know which coins these are and when they will grow.

Only after they have grown and reached their peak,

the greed of the crowd becomes so great that they lose all logic and fear...

and they start buying everything like maniacs.

They start buying what has already grown and is ready to fall.

Of course, if you buy 20 different coins, theoretically something might grow 50X. But everything else will scam out, and at best, you will double your money.

You didn't come to crypto just to double your money. That won't solve your problems.

You need a clear strategy and a portfolio of coins for the bull run.

It's not just about buying random coins.

You need to know which coins have real potential to grow 10-30X. You need to know when to buy them and when to sell.

If you buy a coin and it starts to grow — when do you sell it?

At the moment, you might see your deposit become 10 times larger. But greed takes over, and you think the growth will continue.

No one will warn you about the fall.

And you will wake up to a loss.

Everyone talks about the "Buy and Hold" strategy. But look how many nuances we've found.
(BONK 75X, PEPE 11X)
Over the course of a year, 99% of traders lose.

This means that only professionals make money.

Trading is a great opportunity to earn at any time, no matter what is happening in the world.

And I truly believe it is the world's #1 money-making skill.
Now it's time to tell the truth about crypto trading
Online, you can see thousands of videos on trading strategies and indicators that promise to help you make big money...

But I still don't see millionaires who got rich using some indicator or simple strategy from TikTok.

If you've been interested in trading and tried it yourself, you understand me perfectly.

Levels, patterns, indicators don't give you the opportunity to make money. The outcome is always the same – loss.

If you trade without a professional approach, you will lose money time and time again.

Every non-professional trader is just playing roulette.

I know what I'm talking about.
It took me 3 years to start making money in trading
For all 3 years, I sat in front of the monitor 24/7, studying charts, learning how markets work, trying, losing, and losing again.

It's very psychologically tough.

At some point, you just want to jump out the window because you lost half of your deposit in one trade.

Everything you earned over several successful months can be lost in an instant.

This is the crypto market, and it is very brutal.

I tried everything possible, learned from the best traders, to learn how to earn systematically.

It's not about indicators and lines on the chart. There is no secret strategy.

There is only understanding how the market works, managing risks, and controlling your emotions.

This is not a skill you can master in 2 months or by watching videos on YouTube.

But that doesn't mean you can't make money trading without knowledge…
1st Way
Become a Professional.
To Summarize

How can you make big money in the crypto market?
And this still does not guarantee success.

In the best-case scenario, this requires 2-3 years of work...

By the time you understand how crypto works, the bull run will already be over.

If we talk about trading...

It also requires 2-3 years of hard work, both physically and psychologically.

But the most important factor is not giving up and seeing it through to the end.

You might currently have the strength and desire to make big money in crypto.

But as experience shows, after 2-3 months of failures and lost savings, the desire drops to zero.
Start professionally studying crypto and devote enough time to it. This should become your primary job.

Learn how crypto projects are structured, how crypto works, and which projects bring real value to the crypto world. Understand the team behind the project, their plans, the project's economy, and their marketing strategies.

Learn to predict price growth and declines. Understand the relationship between Bitcoin and other projects, Bitcoin dominance, and another 100 indicators...
2nd Way
Follow the Professionals.

If I show you that I made $1,500,000 on Bitcoin in the last year because I started buying it at $16k…

If I show you how I made 50X on the coin CATCH…

If I show you that I bought the coin PEPE and made 10X in 2 months…

If I show you that 4-5 trades a week bring +20% per month…

What is the simplest way to make money?

You will simply follow them, adhering to trading and crypto rules.

You will buy coins with me for the bull run, which I have selected with my team of analysts.

And you will enter my trades to make profits daily, weekly, and monthly.
The simplest way is if I share my personal trades with you.
I created the Kralow Club
where you will follow my steps in the crypto market
You gain access to my brain, my analysts' brains, my traders' brains, and all our resources.

Our goal is to make at least 10X in the next 6-18 months.

The optimal plan is to make 20X, and the best plan is to make 30X or more.

And now, let's get back to how you can make your first $20,000 in crypto in the next 6-18 months.

There is no secret or unique method for finding coins.

Because we've done it for you.

All you need to do is buy when we buy and lock in profits together with us.
You gain access to our long-term SPOT portfolio
In it, we gather coins with the potential to grow 10-20X during the bull run. This includes coins from different categories: fundamentally strong projects, meme coins, the DeFi sector, the game sector, etc.

You will build a maximally safe portfolio from different assets.

We tell you at what price to enter a coin and when to lock in profits.

For example, in February, we bought the coin PEPE at the most favorable price.
The coin made 2X, and we started locking in profits to secure our money. We gained +100% free money.
After that, the price increased 12X from the initial price
he current profit stands at +740%, and we have fully withdrawn the initial investments.
Now, during the correction, we have profits that we can use for new purchases of PEPE, thereby increasing the portfolio.

Rebalancing the portfolio is a very important element.
Different coins rise at different times. Today Apex grows, tomorrow Aptos grows, the day after Tia grows.

To maximize profit, you need to lock in profits in one coin and move to another at the right time.

My analysts constantly monitor the market, follow fund movements, technical analysis, etc.

You won't see all this work; you will get a ready-made solution: "Buy Aptos at $1 and sell half at $7.5."
And now, I want to show you the potential results of our SPOT strategy.

One of our club members turned $5,000 into enough to buy a Birkin bag and a Maserati within 3 months.
How to Buy a Maserati and a Birkin with $5,000
But I promised to be honest with you, so I'll tell you what happened next.

She succumbed to emotions and bought PEPE at a local peak, hoping to hit it big again.

Her portfolio went down by 40%...

However, the Birkin bag and Maserati were already bought. Profits were secured.

*At the moment, her portfolio is back in profit.*
First, she invested $5,000 in Apex, and her balance grew to $45,000.
Next, she invested $10,000 in PEPE with us, which grew 8X and brought her $80,000.
She bought a Birkin bag for $25,000.
She bought a Maserati.

Why did she succeed?

She was in the right place at the right time... in the club.
In the Club, You Get 2 Types of Spot Portfolios for Different Goals
1. Conservative Portfolio

In this portfolio, we combine strong fundamental projects, various crypto sectors (DeFi, Gaming, NFT, etc.), and meme coins.

This is a balanced long-term portfolio with the goal of achieving 10-20X growth within 6-18 months.

Currently, the portfolio includes over 20 coins, into which we have distributed our deposit.

The good news is that the portfolio has not yet shown profits…

Why is this good news?

It means the rocket hasn't taken off yet, and now is the perfect time to buy coins with us.

Because when our portfolio shows +300%, we will have tripled our capital, partially locked in profits, and entering at that point will be risky.

Until the main bull run, new coins and new projects will emerge, which we will also add to the portfolio.

Why do we buy so many coins?

No one knows which coins will grow and by how much.

One coin might grow 20X, another 2X. But the average return will be 11X.

You maximally distribute your risks and sleep peacefully.

How Creating a Spot Portfolio Works in the Club:
For example, if you have $2,000, you need to buy the coin for $200-$400. This way, we distribute the risk among different coins and don't go all-in. We don't play roulette.
You receive a signal from my team of professional analysts with the coin name and purchase prices
All you need to do is create sell orders that will execute automatically.

This way, you won't miss out on profits and will distribute them throughout the coin's growth.

Even if the market first grows and then starts to fall, you can already lock in part of the profits and use them for new coin purchases.
You buy the coin with 2-4% of your deposit.
You receive the selling price for the coin where we will lock in profits.
2. High Risk Spot Portfolio

I know you want to achieve the maximum result.

But be warned, for the chance to make a huge profit, we pay with the risk of losing capital.

Therefore, we recommend club members allocate 10% of their capital to the high-risk portfolio.

The goal of this portfolio is to outperform the overall market growth and do it faster.

We have selected 10 coins that have the potential to do more than 20X even before the main bull run starts.

We are gradually buying these coins now to achieve the best entry point.

Simple risk math:

For example, if your capital is $2,000 and you allocate $200 to the high-risk portfolio.

In case of failure, you lose a very small part of your total capital. These losses are offset by the main portfolio.

If we expect a minimum of 10X, these $200 don't matter.

In case of success, if the high-risk portfolio makes at least 10X before the bull run, you turn $200 → $2,000.
This is doubling your capital...

Which can then be used back in the conservative portfolio.

A win-win strategy.
If we expect a profit of 10-20X, to earn your first $20,000 in crypto you need to:
- Capital of $1,000-$2,000
- Create a spot portfolio
- Wait 6-18 months

The longer the market stays flat or falls, the more capital you will have.

Imagine that right now your capital is $2,000 and you can make a 10X profit in 6-18 months.

That's $20,000.

Not bad, but I'm sure you want more.

Because education, paying off loans, a Maserati, and a Birkin bag for your wife cost more :)

You have 6-18 months, and each month you can add to your deposit.

For example, if the bull run happens in 6 months, you can save $200 each month and accumulate an additional $1,200.

This could turn into a profit of $12,000.

If the bull run happens in 18 months and you add $200 each month...

You will accumulate another $3,600, which could turn into $36,000.

Total: initial $2,000 + additional savings $3,600 = $5,600.

If we make 10X, that's $56,000 or a nice Mercedes.

Of course, you can save more each month.

That's the point. You will get into the game and develop the right kind of excitement.

The excitement where you want to save money, earn money, and look for new opportunities to earn more.

Maybe you'll finally decide to approach your boss and ask for a raise. Why not?

Important Point:

Right now, we've calculated the math based on our expectations. Neither I, my analysts, nor the most brilliant financiers can guarantee what will happen with the market.

We always take on the risk that it might not work out.

But on the other hand... where in this life are there guarantees?
You also receive signals for short-term trading to make profits daily/weekly/monthly.

This is an additional tool to help you increase your capital before the market's culminating growth.

You receive 4-5 signals per week and updates on them.
The Next Direction of Our Club - Futures Trading
UPD: April Statistics
You also gain access to a large knowledge library on how to use the signals correctly, especially if you are a complete beginner and don't know how to use an exchange.

Another Warning:

Futures trading always involves high risks and not as high profits as it might seem.

To make a profit using our signals, you need to strictly follow risk management rules and manage trades according to our updates.

If someone tells you that trading is just about pressing "long/short" and taking profit a couple of hours later, it's a lie.

The market is a living organism that cannot be predicted.

When we give a signal and enter a futures trade, analysts continue to monitor the market's behavior.

If they see red flags, we exit the trade quickly, taking a small profit.

This is micro-management of trades, where we partially lock in profits, reduce risk, or exit the trade entirely.

It is because we are on the market 16 hours a day that we manage to achieve returns of 10-20% with moderate risk.
Below you can see the statistics for February and March 2024
In February, we had a good profit of +35% on the deposit. In March, +9% on the deposit. An average profit of +20% per month.

To understand how significant this is, let's turn to the math again.

20% per month equals 240% per year.

Or +791% per year with compound interest (if you reinvest all the profit).

This means that only through futures trading, you can increase your capital by 7X before the bull run.


This is theoretical.

The real return a novice without experience can achieve is around 5-10% per month.

I know, I know, that seems low because you've been told sweet stories about trading.

You've been shown many screenshots with profits of +200%.
But in reality, this does not mean that the person doubled their capital with one trade. These are just impressive numbers.

because we never go all-in on a trade. We use a 1% risk per trade.

This means you cannot lose more than 1% of your capital on a single trade.

And of course, we can have losing weeks and months, so it's extremely important to adhere to risk management.

The results of futures trading are evaluated over several months.

Right now, we have 1-3 months to accumulate as much money as possible and multiply it by 10-20X.
February +35%
March +35%
We incurred losses of -6%...
April +35%
This clearly shows that in trading, you must be prepared for losses.

There are no traders without losses.

During this time, the market fell by more than 20%. Our losses were half of that.

For all 18 months of Bitcoin's growth, we were profitable, and April is just a minor setback.
This is my comprehensive training program that turns beginners into professional traders. I created it after earning my first $10,000,000 from trading.

Trading University is a large educational program that was developed over more than 6 months.
Third, Club Members Get Access to the Trading University
Moreover, it is certified by CPD.

— Why do members receive training in addition to ready step-by-step solutions?

My goal is for you not to earn just once, but to achieve financial freedom forever.

Trading and financial markets are something you can make money from at any time, in any crisis.

I want us to have a community of professional traders in a year.

Now is a good time to earn your first significant capital and learn trading.

Then you can use this capital to generate an additional income of $5k-10k per month.

With a trading return of 10% per month, you need a capital of $50,000 to earn an additional $5,000 per month.

To build a $50k capital in the next 6-18 months, you need to assemble a spot portfolio worth $5,000.

This is achievable. If you save part of your money each month, it is easy.

This is the strategy and the real path to financial freedom.

Results of club members who are achieving these independently alongside following signals:
1. Two Types of Spot Portfolios with the long-term goal of multiplying your savings by 10-20X within 6-18 months.

Regular updates on coins and portfolio rebalancing. Which coins to buy, at what prices, and when to lock in profits for maximum benefit.

2. Regular Futures Signals for gradual wealth increase and additional income of +10-20% per month.

All you need to do is study the step-by-step knowledge library and replicate our trades according to the rules.

3. Access to the Trading University to become an independent professional trader within a year, capable of earning in all markets (crypto, stocks, forex) in any global situation.

4. Community of Like-Minded Individuals where you will get answers to your questions, support, and motivation to stay on track and achieve your financial goals.

We strive to maintain morale by creating trading challenges with great prizes.
To Summarize, What You Get in the Kralow Club
Kralow Club is an ecosystem with the goal of providing members with financial freedom during 2024-2025.
I have prepared the maximum number of ready-made solutions and am ready to share my best resources.

The decision is yours.

If you want the opportunity to multiply your savings, are ready to study the educational materials, and follow our instructions without improvisation — welcome.

I know one thing for sure...

You won't make money in this market on your own unless you are already a professional.

Following professionals is always easier, safer, and more profitable.
Do you need
to join the Kralow Club?
I don't know your capital, financial capabilities, job, how much free time you have, or your life goals.

Therefore, I propose the following:

Leave an application, and my managers will contact you to provide all the details and conditions of club membership.

We will offer the best conditions and explain what results you can realistically achieve in your situation in the next 6-18 months.

This offer is valid for 24 hours.

After that, the opportunity to join the Kralow Club will close. You need to act and make a decision now. The longer you wait, the less profit you will make.

The crypto market waits for no one.

Click the button and leave an application. We will get in touch with you soon.