How to start making money from trading using simple analysis tools
Hello, my name is Thomas Kralow and today I will tell you how to become a profitable trader from scratch.
There are a lot of videos on YouTube now, that promise to give a magical method to make money on financial markets and trading, promise crazy incomes and say that everyone is guaranteed to succeed.

Today I want to be honest with you and tell you about the reality of trading and financial markets. Who really makes money, how they do it, and who just loses money and feeds others.

Here are a few rules you need to know about the mechanics of financial markets.

1. Strategy - play according to the market
The market is always growing. We can take any global industry or index and see that over a 20-30 year period there is tremendous growth. The market always moves in cycles: it rises, has a small correction and continues to rise with even greater force.

With each cycle, the market becomes larger, as new major players arrive, there is more money in the world and this money is distributed in financial markets.

It is important to understand that the biggest movements are created by major players. You and I cannot influence the price of any asset in any way. But the big players can do it and are taking advantage of the opportunity. Therefore, the most profitable strategy is to play the market. Understand the psychology of major players, understand their goals and follow them.

To understand the movement and logic of the market, we have special tools and indicators, which I will talk about in this article.

Before we enter the financial markets and start making money, we need to define our goals. We want to earn money now, over a period of 1 day, week, month, or we are ready to take large steps over a period of six months to a year.

2. Global trend line strategy
The second option is the most simple and safest. Now I will show you the basic strategy that will allow any of you to earn 50-100% per annum.

This is a strategy of global trend lines. Based on data from 5-8-10 years ago, we can make a forecast where the price will move in the near future and in what range the asset will be traded in.

I built a simple 3-line chart that any of you can refer to and start trading Bitcoin, long term.
With just a few points, we built trend lines between 2015 and 2020, which indicates current buy and sell zones for today and the future.

Now I’ll show you how this is done in more detail⬇️:
The disadvantage of this strategy is that we miss many opportunities that present themselves within one big movement and we cannot take advantage of them, to maximize profit while the movement is happening.

For example, within one big movement we could make multiple trades within that movement that come with a rise and fall of 5-10% over several days or weeks.

3. Short-term trading strategy.
If you want to trade more actively and earn additional income every day or every week, then there’s another strategy that is suitable for you - short-term trading, this is when we pick up small market movements and act on them. After all, something happens to the price every day, it goes up or down. And you can capitalize on this.

To determine where the price will go in the near future, we use analysis tools and indicators that will help to determine where we will go over a period of several hours or several days.

The first of them is local support and resistance levels. These are the zones from which the price is repelled. Same as with global levels, only in a shorter range.

This is because these are the places where most traders make their decisions. These zones are easily identifiable on the charts. For example, we may have a horizontal channel. The price is between two levels. At the low, most traders want to buy Bitcoin as it is cheap at that moment and they sell at the upper limit to take profits.
This is the ETH chart for summer 2022. During this period, it was possible to make 3 transactions, each of which was +19%. This totals an opportunity for 57% change with the most simple chart analysis.

One of the tools that, as well as strategies, helps us find trades is RSI.

RSI (Relative Strength Index) helps us to determine when the price of an asset is overvalued and at what point it will begin to fall, and vice versa, when the asset is undervalued and is preparing to rise.

Also for ease of perception and clarity I will show on video⬇️
Okay, it seems simple and clear.
But then why do 89% of beginners lose money in trading?
The biggest and most common mistake is the desire to find the loot button and become a millionaire overnight.

Trading should be taken seriously and practiced systematically. It is not enough to just have knowledge about basic levels, patterns and indicators. You need to be able to work everything out in the real market, and you need to make a minimum of 200-500-1000 trades to be able to do this effectively.

Every trade should be analyzed and scrutinized. This is the only way to become a trader who systematically and constantly profits.

Many people come to the market just to play and try their luck. This turns into gambling, and in a casino there is only one winner - the casino itself.

A trader must have discipline and stamina. Look at Warren Buffett. He did not become fabulously rich in the financial markets immediately. For the first 10 years, he did not have grandiose successes,but methodically built up capital, which then grew exponentially.
I proved this with my own experience. In 2010 I was living in NYC and I had a tech resale business that was generating $30-50k per year. I started by coming to NYC with $1,000 in my pocket and made money that way for a couple of years.

I realized that a regular job might finance my life at that point, but it wouldn't make a fortune. So I looked for opportunities to understand the financial markets as well. I found a mentor who had achieved great results, and started learning to trade by doing everything he said. At first I almost lost my entire savings of $15,000 from over the years and left with $4,000 in my pocket. I started to improve my strategy bit by bit and yielded larger profits. After the first year I reached $100,000 in capital, in my second year, when I was 23 years old I reached a million.

Over the years of daily trading, education and analyzing thousands of my trades, I managed to create a stable & sustainable strategy. Since then I have multiplied my fortune every year, even when I had big personal and business losses, I eventually remained in profit, because I followed the methodology that I will present to you now.

To make money from trading you need to understand 4 fundamental elements of trading
1. Fundamental Understanding of the Market
A profitable trader must understand how the market works. Who influences it, why assets rise and fall, why there are sharp waves of growth and declines.

To do this, you need to learn to read the charts and find where major players enter, where they accumulate positions, where they sell off assets, at what point the growth will occur and to which levels the price will rise among the red-green candles.

All of this is only achieved through years of experience, trial and error.
2. Psychology and Discipline
Emotions are a trader's biggest enemy. We must approach trading with a level head and calm calculations.

I often see newbies entering the market, losing their deposit and trying to win it back. They enter risky trades, stop analyzing the market and driven by emotions, they lose even more. But you should have just accepted the losses, had some rest and returned to the market with a level head.

Because there will always be opportunities to make money. The question is whether you can identify them. And this can only be done with a cool, level head.

Or the opposite situation, when a trader starts doing well, he thinks that he has understood how this market works and thinks that this will always be the case. He starts underestimating risks and quickly loses everything.

This is followed by a state of depression. It is impossible to make money in this condition.

It is also easy for newbies to fall into the trap of market manipulation. I'm talking about the news that comes out through the media.

Take the latest hype and gossip around the Bitcoin ETF. You may not know what an ETF is, the news will tell you what you need to do to encourage you to feed your money to the market.

There were massive rumors all over the news, that the SEC will approve the ETF and the price of Bitcoin would rise to $40k, so buy Bitcoin immediately!
Then there were rumors that the ETF would not be approved, causing the Bitcoin price to drop by 10% in a couple of hours.

It is all manufactured ‘speculation’ to get as many people into the market as possible, get them to inject their money and leave them with losses.

A profitable trader thinks with his head, not with news headlines and opinions of some bloggers.
3. Risk Management
Trading is a mathematical model and with proper calculation we will always be in profit over a month, a year and decades.

The risk of our trade should never exceed 1-3% and the risk-reward ratio should be at least 1 to 3.

That is, we risk 1 dollar to earn 3 dollars. Thus, we can afford mistakes, which is absolutely normal in trading.

But beginners are very fond of underestimating risks in order to make as much money as possible. And literally within a few trades they drain their deposits.

Until you have 200-500 trades under your belt, never exceed the risks. You may get lucky once, but it will always result in losing money eventually.
4. Strategy
A profitable trader always trades according to the market and never goes against it. If a big player buys assets and prepares for growth, we also prepare for growth. If we see that assets have started to sell off, we make preparations to go down.

All of these trend lines and indicators are useless without a deep understanding of the market, psychology, risk management and strategy.

When you get accustomed to these 4 elements, you will be more successful than 90% of traders.

My trading system has been evolving for 10 years, since 2013 I have made more than 25000 trades, cumulatively earning more than 10 million dollars, accounting for millions in losses along the way.

These are not just words. Most of my journey has been public. For the last 3.5 years I have been actively running a YouTube channel where I share my opinion and show my real trades. You can open any video, listen to my forecasts and check it with what followed.
In addition, in 2018-2019 I posted reports on my trades every month. I did not hide anything and showed both profits and losses. This is in the public domain and you can read it for yourself.
And all I've been doing for the last 10 years is honing those 4 elements and putting them together into a cohesive system.

And now this system is producing results like this:
+51% +113% 70% 43% 219% or $2952 from one trade
Let's summarize what opportunities trading gives us.

Now, thanks to trading, I do not deny myself anything and live my best life. I travel to different countries, I have fulfilled a dream - to build a garage full of cars and gather a collection of watches. Every month I please my beloved wife and assist my mother.

Apart from a good comfortable life, trading allows me to realize other dreams and build multiple projects. Just because I am interested in it and want to try my hand at something new.

I've now built an IT company in the crypto space, out of interest to test my other ideas & theories.

Trading has given me complete freedom to live the way that I want and to manifest my true self.

In addition to trading, I make money from my social networks too. Many people laugh, saying that all Influencers are pseudo-traders and pseudo-investors who only know how to act in front of a camera and only actually make money from instagram.

That's partially true, but you have to be able to tell the difference between real and fake.
How to check who is a real trader and who is a fake?
1. See how long the person has been trading for, how many market cycles they have gone through. During market growth, many pseudo-traders appear. During growth, any child can achieve significant results through trading.

2. Ask what the trader did when the market fell.

3. Can he provide ready-made reporting on all transactions?

In addition to money, trading provides security, I’ll explain now.

Trading is about financial markets and financial literacy. By understanding charts, you understand the economy and current economic and political events. You understand how and what unemployment, credit rates and conflicts affect. You know what to do with your currency and how to act in order to make money during a crisis.

It doesn’t matter what you do: if you are a dentist, builder, lawyer or entrepreneur, only financial literacy and skill in the financial markets will give you complete security from any unrest in the world or in the country that you live in.

I know that it is very difficult for beginners to figure out trading on their own. To do this, you have to find verified information, spend a lot of time and effort to gain experience and it is not guaranteed that you will succeed. And you have to pay for all of this with your time and money.

These are the results of deals made by me and my team of analysts⬇️
Оur students and club members achieve these results every day. Sometimes it's $50 from a trade, and sometimes it's $7,000, $50k and more

Each trade has a different risk profile and different profitability outcome. In trading it is difficult to consistently get the same results, because unlike working for a salary, here we invest, and if someone GUARANTEES your profitability in trading - run away from these people, they are scammers.

We do not guarantee anything, but rely on our own trading statistics, which we have been collecting for a couple of years.

In recent months, about 8/10 trades have been profitable and returns from 10% in a standard month to 50% in an active month. No drawdowns and no negative months.

I think you have noticed, based on the results that I've shown you, it can also be +200-300% per trade, but it is important to realize that we only enter part of the deposit in any trade, the real profitability, depending on the market, varies from 10% to 50%, over the course of a year, it averages out to about 25% per month.

This is what our trade statistics look like for the last quarter:
32/35 trades, this is more than 90% win rate.

If you have at least a little idea about trading, you know that an average trader can only get lucky a couple of times, but only a select few manage to maintain positive results over a longer period of time. I think there are only about 100 trading analysts in the world who can consistently read the market with such accuracy and achieve significant results, earning +10% on their capital each month. And we confidently stand among these 100 people. Our average return is about 25% per month. So, if you take $5000 of savings, you can get +$1200 for the next month without the need to get an additional job, to take on new projects, to sell something or to interact with people at all*.

This is how my students earn money

These are people from different countries, different professions, with different education and different financial capabilities. Some have a capital of $1,000, some have about $1 million. But they are all united by one idea.
Jean: Made as much as $500,000 from $30,000 on penny stocks in 9 months
Enrique: $20,500 in 9 weeks on S&P500 and conservative for BTC & ETH crypto

Now, we will understand how our club members reach the coveted 10k profit per month.

Let's clearly calculate what result can be achieved if:
- Not to tinker, but to clearly follow the strategy and treat it as a livelihood
- Do not withdraw profits, but reinvest and trade steadily every month for a year

Take a deposit of $5,000 and a return of 25% per month as an example. This is our average over the course of a year.

In total we get

Initial amount: $5000
  • Month 1: $5000 + 25% = $6250, Increase: $1250
  • Month 2: $6250 + 25% = $7812.50, Increase: $1562.50
  • Month 3: $7812.50 + 25% = $9765.63, Increase: $1953.13
  • Month 4: $9765.63 + 25% = $12207.04, Increase: $2441.41
  • Month 5: $12207.04 + 25% = $15258.80, Increase: $3051.76
  • Month 6: $15258.80 + 25% = $19073.50, Increase: $3814.70
  • Month 7: $19073.50 + 25% = $23841.88, Increase: $4768.38
  • Month 8: $23841.88 + 25% = $29802.35, Increase: $5960.47
  • Month 9: $29802.35 + 25% = $37252.94, Increase: $7450.59
  • Month 10: $37252.94 + 25% = $46566.18, Increase: $9309.24
  • Month 11: $46566.18 + 25% = $58207.72, Increase: $11641.54
  • Month 12: $58207.72 + 25% = $72759.65, Increase: $14551.93

From just $5k we get to $72k total capital over 12 months by compounding profits!

I would like to point out that this is an average calculation based on our team’s results over the last year. The return may be higher or lower in some months .

Well, if you don’t just want an income, but a large capital and complete financial freedom until the end of your days, the best way is to reinvest profits from trading into growing assets.
It looks something like this:
For example, if your salary is $60,000 a year, you can divide your finances in the following way - $50,000 pays for basic expenses, and a small part, 10-30% is allocated to trading.

Suppose, without much stress, you earned another $30,000 from trading in a year, in parallel with your work - you invest this money in assets with great potential.

Normal returns on a Bull Run (that's the name of the cycle when the market is going up hard and fast) are 10X.

Total, if you follow the strategy correctly, you make an extra $300,000 in a 2-year cycle, giving you a safety cushion for as many as 5 years ahead.
I'll show you real examples of how it works in the here and now:
In late 2022 and early 2023, I was buying Вitcoin at $16-17k, as I talked about in my video market reviews. While all the news was "burying" crypto, I was just buying it as a long-term asset.

What do we have today?

Bitcoin price is now about $60-66k. That's above 150% per annum with the safest and laziest "buy and forget" strategy.
Apart from classic investing, during the whole Bitcoin growth cycle I have been trading to make money here and now instead of just waiting for a whole year.

In one week, in December 2023, I made +$94k from just one trade.
And to all of that, an additional +150% on overall growth for the year.

Bitcoin isn't the only opportunity.

Solana's price was around $9 a year ago. Now the price is around $100. In just one year, one coin has increased in value by 10X
But you know what?

This is not the full potential of the market, so in 2024-25 we are expecting a bull run, which happens once every 4 years, due to a special market mechanism. Because of Bitcoin halving and cyclicality in the market.

Look at Solana's chart in the past bull run during 2021

Solana moved from $2 to $250. 120X within one year!
AVAX coin has given 3 opportunities to earn 11X, 10X and 3X (current) in 3 years
Matic offered 108X during the last bull run
Bull run hasn't started yet, but we already see some coins growing by 100% in the last six months. Like the Arbitrum coin.
A new cycle is waiting for us, where we can earn 5-10X. That is why, based on the previous periods, I can talk about multiplying capital, which will be enough until the next growth cycle.
As you can see, there are a lot of ways to multiply your savings and start steadily earning $3-5-10k/month and more, you can choose one of the strategies or combine them.
A one-on-one meeting with our team's top experts awaits you—an opportunity to dive deep into trading and receive a customized strategy for a successful start.

At the meeting, you will gain:
  • An overview of your starting point: We will thoroughly analyze your current situation to determine the best path for you to start earning using my methodology.
  • Maximization of your investment: My experts will guide you through setting realistic ROI expectations.
  • Flexible Betting Options: Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual, we will collaborate with you to identify a rate structure that aligns perfectly with your financial capabilities.

You will receive a call reminder via email and SMS.
See you soon!