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Let me introduce you to the ultimate A to Z
University Grade Trading Education which is currently selling at

By becoming one of my students you will save yourself years of lurking around the internet as well as thousands of dollars that you could potentially lose like so many other uneducated traders!


Don't waste anymore time and join now! SEE YOU AT THE LESSONS!

 - Thomas Kralow

SEATS LEFT: 37 out of 650

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Basic Program

Discover if trading is right for you

  • 100% Independent Learning
  • ​24/7 Access to the Learning Platform
  • Lessons: 20 Video Lessons
  • Chapters: 2 Chapters
  • Assignments: 7 Practical Assignments
  • Quizzes: 19 Interactive Quizzes
  • ​LENGTH: 21 DAYS

Complete Program

Your complete education

  • 100% Independent Learning
  • ​24/7 Access to the Learning Platform
  • Lessons: 202 Video Lessons
  • Chapters: 16 Chapters
  • Assignments: 82 Practical Assignments
  • Quizzes: 145+ Interactive Quizzes
  • Final Exam
  • ​Diploma and GPA Issued

Shortened Program

Skips the basics

  • ​100% Independent Learning
  • ​24/7 Access to the Learning Platform
  • Lessons: 190 Video Lessons
  • Chapters: 15 Chapters
  • Assignments: 75+ Practical Assignments
  • Quizzes: 135+ Interactive Quizzes
  • Final Exam
  • ​Diploma and GPA Issued
  • Over 200 detailed lectures that teaches you everything from active scalp trading, day trading, swing trading to proper long term portfolio building. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

SEATS LEFT: 37 out of 650

Reviews From My Students

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Great content, absolute must for trading

Thomas shares his experiences and guides you to his learning program.
He'll explain market terminology and gives a very good explanation of what to expect.

He advises you to not trade with real money, while many others let you jump in without proper guidance.

Very happy I made the decision to start this program. - Robert B.
Trading course by Thomas Kralow

I am very happy that I have invested my money in this course, I have learned a lot about trading in these couple of weeks, not only in trading, but also financially. The platform is very good and easy to use, I am not a IT guy, but even for me it was easy to understand . Can’t wait to learn more, and would recommend to anyone interested in trading and a professional (not boring) learning platform. - Kristofers D. 
Professional Trading Education

 For me, the trading course is highly professional and absolutely worth the money. I´ve learned a lot things already in the first lessons. I see the markets and can´t believe my eyes because I didn´t see so many things before. Thomas is really likeable person. I have the feeling that he really knows what he is talking about. I think he is a good teacher. Probably the best I know. He did what nobody had ever done before. He made me do my homework!

I highly recommend his course to everybody who wants to learn trading! It is absolutely worth it!! - Kevin H.
Frequently Asked Questions
If I'm completely new to trading, will I understand the material?

Absolutely! Thomas Kralow advocates that it is easier to teach someone from scratch rather than to retrain. Retraining is a big challenge, removing old habits can be very difficult. Yet not impossible.

The program contains a separate chapter for beginners. Where all most commonly asked questions are answered - what is a candle, a trend, a flag, a channel, a short, a bid, an ask. As well as - who are the sellers and buyers, how to choose a broker, in which market to start, and much, much more.
What results should I expect from this learning program?
You will learn how to understand, explain and predict any market. You will gain professional trading skills that will allow you to make consistent profits in the financial markets!
Will I have to open a money account right away?
Complete the program first. There will be a lot of practical assignments throughout the program but with a demo account of your choice. Thomas will not force you to open an account with any broker. And there will be no real money trading until you are ready. Period. 
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