Copy Trading with Thomas Kralow’s Team
Automatically repeat the trades of my team of analysts.
For the last 3 months our trades have yielded: 45% to deposit
Fully automatic
You do not need any
trading experience
Passive income
deposit $50
Automatically repeat the trades of my team of analysts. For the last 3 months our trades have yielded: 45% to deposit
Copy Trading is the
This is the most simple method of earning money from trading, in which you do not need to enter trades yourself, study methods of analysis and follow the market at all.
You just need to connect to our trades using the "Copy" button and the trades of our top traders will automatically open on your account.
The trade is opened 1 to 1 like ours: Following the same trade proportions, risk management and trade management during the trade.
Why this is the best option for you:
You don't have to worry about missing the rise of Bitcoin, Solana or any other coin that was happening during the night. You don't have to watch charts and constantly check what's happening with the price and think about when to take profits or minimize losses.
If you didn't understand anything, don't worry, copy trading is just what you need right now.
You choose the level of risk.
2 Copy Trading strategies - conservative and high risk.
Conservative strategy
Win rate - 84% profitable trades for 3 months, profitability 45%+
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Average number of trades per week is 3-10.
It all depends on the market. The more predictable the market movements, the more trades. There may be days without trades to reduce risks.
Risk is approximately 20% of the deposit
(in the previous testing period, the maximum drawdown was 11% over 140 days).
Trades using this strategy can take from
one day to a week or more to conclude.
The evaluation cycle for portfolio success is 1-3 months
usually achieving positive returns within 3 months, so hang around to see those results.
Deep expertise with a carefully crafted strategy
focused on day trading and weekly/swing trading
The method's feature is the integration of advanced technologies:
neural networks and automated trading assistants are utilized to identify trades with more certainty.
These technologies are capable of adjusting to the dynamic market conditions and foreseeing prolonged trends while maintaining positions of mid-term duration.
High Risk Strategy
Aggressive trading strategy aimed to boost your deposit.
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Average number of trades per week is 3-10.
Also, it all depends on the market.
Normal risk is 40%+ of the deposit.
Mainly, trading time frames are 5-15 minutes; 1-4 hours.
The evaluation cycle for portfolio success is 2-6 weeks
within which a decent evaluation period should be respected to achieve the desired results.
The strategy, designed towards aggressive deposit growth
combines high risks and great potential.
The foundation of the method is deep market analysis
using leverage and aggressive betting strategies, increasing both potential profits and risks.
This strategy actively incorporates algorithmic trading systems
and neural networks to identify unconventional market opportunities.
Trading High Risk it is possible to achieve 1000% profitability
as well as drawdown up to 90%.
Use no more than 5-10% of your deposit on this strategy
and be prepared to lose everything! You have been warned.
I am now launching a challenge: I will publicly make a 10X from $1,000,000 to $10,000,000 and use part of the capital in copy trading.
*I will also be using Copy Trading for my challenge
High Risk
You are in complete control of the process
Every trade you participate in, using copy trading is displayed in the trade journal.
You can always close a trade yourself, if you want to lock in your profit before we do. You can also limit the maximum risk on all trades.
But this is not necessary at all. You can do it completely passively, and do not need to change the settings of our strategy. You just need to click 1 button "Copy" and monitor the results once per week.
At any moment you can finish copy trading, take profit and continue copying our trades when you’re ready.
What is our benefit of openly sharing trades and trying to make them profitable?
We earn together, receiving 30% of your net gain.
Trading with us you get the opportunity to create a passive income without having to sit in front of a monitor for 16 hours, analyze the market and look for trade opportunities yourself, and we ONLY profit from the growth.
Join Kralow Team Copy Trading
To start copying our trades you should have a Bybit account.
If you don't have one, register using the button:
If you already have an account, go to the buttons below, authorize on Bybit and click "Copy".
Then specify the deposit you are willing to allocate for copy trading.
Attention: use no more than 10% of your total deposit for the High Risk strategy.
Close the page and get on with your life. We will continue to make money for you.
If Bybit is unavailable in your country or you have other issues with your Bybit account - contact our support
High Risk