The world's most effective Trading Club for making money in the financial markets with ready-made step-by-step solutions that can increase your capital

Membership is NOT available to everyone. But if you are selected, Thomas Kralow will show you behind the scenes of the financial markets and share the systems and strategies he has used to build $40 million dollars in capital over the last 10 years.
How does the Trading Club work?
Our team consists of analysts and traders:
You do not need to understand trading, financial markets and sit in front of the monitor 16 hours per day for this.
We analyze projects and market situations for you and give you a ready-made predetermined position to enter a trade. You just need to spare 20 minutes a day to repeat our trades according to our step by step instructions.
We have prepared 3 strategies for you in Trading Club so that you can create a passive and safe income:
This is the simplest strategy to multiply capital with minimal risk and effort. You simply buy the assets we share in the Trading Club. You get the name of the asset, buy and sell points to take maximum profits in time.

To create an investment portfolio that can yield 3-5-10X in 2024-2025, all you need to do is take 20 minutes per day and press three buttons.

1. Creating a medium and long-term investment portfolio.
Results of the month:

#ETH +37%
#APEX +27%
#ATOM +15%
#XAI +115%
#DYDX +21%
#TON 0%

#MATIC +21%
#AVAX +19%
#MANTA +91%
#GMX +15%
#PEPE +26%
#GRAPE -66%
You get trades with a duration of a couple of hours to a couple of days. This gives you the opportunity to make money in the moment and regularly. Short-term, we don't care whether the market is rising or falling - we make money on movements in either direction.

You do not need to immerse yourself in analyzing the market, projects and specific trades. You don't need to follow the news and try to predict the price movement. Our top traders do it for you. All you have to do is take a few minutes and enter the trade.

Short-term trading has grown deposits by +45% in the last 3 months (+15% return per month).

2. Short-term trading
We have created a platform for Copy Trading - all trades of our team are repeated in automatic mode. You only need to click 1 "Copy" button on your account and the exchange will automatically open a 1-to-1 identical proportional trade to ours. All funds remain in your account. 100% security, 0% time costs.
We receive 30% of your profit. If there is no profit - you don’t pay anything.

For Copy Trading we have 2 ready-made strategies: High Risk and Low Risk, to further diversify risks and maximize profits.

Over the last 7 days Copy Trading has generated a total of $8,600 for our followers.

3. Automatic trading
So you have 3 strategies with ready-made solutions that can increase your savings 3/5/10 times during 2024 without any professional skills:
You create an investment portfolio that will give you positive results within 3/6/18 months.
Solution 1:
You trade based on our trades and get 5-15% on your deposit every month.

Solution 2:
You use automated trading with Copy Trading, which also yields 5-15% growth per month

Solution 3:
  • 30,000+ trades
  • an average win-rate of 89%
  • actively participating in the market 24/7
  • manage a total capital amount of $50,000,000
We share the details of every trade that we make in the market with our Trading Club members.
To make your journey in the club safe, we have prepared a knowledge base.
We have prepared instructions and rules: how to build a portfolio, buy and sell assets, so that you do not make mistakes and do not lose capital. These rules make it possible to maintain a ~79% win rate on short-term trades.

You will get free access to Trading University education.
18 modules
161 lessons
This is a fully-fledged education that consists of:
After 3 months of membership in the Trading Club, you will have the opportunity to build an individual investment portfolio together with Thomas Kralow’s Top Traders and create a long-term strategy for increasing your capital for 3-5 years in the future.
We publish analytics on the markets: you will always know what is happening in the financial world and have a plan for what to do and how to protect your savings if the markets rise, fall or the world falls deeper into crisis.

It has already been completed by over 5,000 students.

This is an education in which Thomas Kralow has put all of his experience in trading the financial markets and you will be able to become an independent investor or trader as a result.
Club member bonuses:
When you pay for a 3 month Trading Club membership, you will get access to 2 modules of Trading University - Trading Strategy of Thomas
Bonus 1:
When you pay for a 1-year Trading Club membership, you'll get full access to Trading Universitу.

If you pay for a membership in the Trading Club
for 6 months - you get access to 8 educational modules,
for 1 year - you get access to the full training course.
Bonus 2:
Unique opportunity: you can get up to $500,000 under management to multiply your income.

We have partnered with a professional Prop Trading Firm that is willing to give our members access to extra budget for trading. We will help you pass the trader exam and get up to $500,000 of capital that you can use within our 3 safe strategies.
Bonus 3:
Trading Club members’ results